Check out the latest Summa trends

Organic collections

Organic table: the elegance of nature

  • Soft and neutral colors
  • Professional stoneware
  • Collection of fifteen pieces

Organic forms, nature-inspired colours and asymmetric contours that allude to tradition. The organic trend boasts a wonderful combination of shapes and colours to give a human touch to all tables.

Exotic collections

Exotic collection:
far-flung flavours

  • Unique and handmade elaboration
  • Highly durable marble and natural stone
  • Collection of twenty pieces

Whisk your diners off to wherever you want by creating environments inspired by the whole world. Vivid colours, asymmetrical shapes and nature-inspired textures: the perfect combination to create a haven of peace amid the daily routine.

Classic collections

Classic collection: elegance that never goes out of fashion

  • Modern and elegant combination
  • New bone china
  • Collection of thirty pieces

Elegance and simplicity that never go out of fashion. Low-key and neutral tables that showcase the chef's creations. Classic collections that convey the essence of “less is more” and create a staging that discreetly accompanies the experience.